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// Hamming it up with Branding

Barbecuing is the crux of many family gatherings, summertime parties, and bromance-infused Sunday football afternoons. The pitmasters at Hammi’s BBQ have perfected the art of smoking a ham so you have more time to be smoking your dad at bocce. To boast about their roast, they needed an impressionable brand (no pun intended) that could be carried across many platforms. So they brought the festivity, and we brought the creativity.

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// Noodling with Package Design

Most everyone, at some point in their life, has inevitably gotten inebriated and inhaled a plate of Ramen Noodles at 2 in the morning. At the very least, you’ve tried them sober, in which case you probably never went near them again. At an eye-popping economical price of 99¢ for 2 dozen packages, it’s been a dietary staple for those on a near-homelessness budget. We’ve decided to take a stab at rethinking the way you see America’s cheapest meal—whether or not it be through beer goggles.

*Sorry this isn’t real. It’s just a concept.

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