The only conceivably possible uses for the world’s most ridiculous stock photos

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There’s nothing less inspiring than throwing away hours of your life sifting through infinite amounts of stock photos just to find an acceptable shot for your design project. Even worse, is no matter how specific you get with your search terms, you inevitably get lost in the labyrinth of shots and find yourself stranded on the Island of Misfit Photos. It begs the question of what these short bus snapshots could ever possibly be used for. While they may be aesthetically-challenged eye-sores, we still believe in utilitarianism. For every ill-conceived, freakish photo ever taken, there’s an equally loving, dysfunctional application for it.


News article outlining how bath salts usage can effect your wardrobe choices.


Billboard promoting the benefits for women carrying Mace.


Ad for X-rays that reveal your bona fide phoniness.


Flyer for Booger-Flicking contest.


Promotional poster for E! True Hollywood Story: Courtney Love.


Advertorial on least-effective ant-killing techniques—karate chopping vs. frying with a glass lens.


Ad for Whitesnake reunion video auditions.


Women’s public bathroom quick tips signage on hover urination.


Hot Pockets’ Sunday circular ad promoting it’s new completely inappropriate-looking  digestive system assassin.


Banner ad for reflective vests that caution women they should avoid getting hit on by you.


Package design for hair dye color: Absolutely-No-Chance-Of-Getting-A-Date Brown with highlights.’s step-by-step guide to manscaping.


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